5 Vital Reasons To Hire A Professional Copywriter

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February 16, 2016
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5 Vital Reasons To Hire A Professional Copywriter

Words have power - handwriting on a napkin with cup of coffee

Often underestimated in the marketing process, copywriting brings value to the vendor/client relationship in ways that both compliments your visual efforts and cements your connection with your audience. It is a powerful tool for persuading a person or group while raising your brand awareness. Failure to capitalize on its full potential can leave customers uninterested with a negative view of you and your brand. Plainly put, writing your own copy can be like painting your own classic car; it's possible to do but unless you are a professional, people will be distracted by the poor paint job and miss the beautiful car beneath.

Write The Right Way

Here are five reasons why hiring a professional copywriter will save you from riding around in a bad paint job:

1. Clarity

An important component in any marketing effort is to provide copy that is clear and concise. Fancy words and technical jargon can appear impressive on the surface but if they do not connect with your audience in a meaningful manner, they are a waste of time and effort. Say what you mean, and say it well, and you invite your audience to come along on your journey; put forth a cloudy message and you leave them by the roadside. A professional copywriter knows how to use the right language to convey the most effective message.

2. Engagement

Just having something to say doesn't mean that people are going to be invested enough to hear it. You may have plenty of interesting information to share but if your copy doesn't generate enough excitement to hold your reader's attention, you are missing the mark. Professional copywriters know how to discern key facts and translate them into engaging, impactful, and relevant content that draws people in and builds interest. Even the driest of content can be given fresh life when handled by a professional.

3. Objectivity

Sometimes there is a lot of truth to the old adage "Can't see the forest for the trees." When we are heavily invested in something we have a tendency to view it only from the inside, focusing on those elements that mean something to us and our own efforts. Unfortunately, this is not always in line with what your customers care about and the disconnect can confuse your relationship. Having a copywriter bring some objectiveness and perspective to the table can ensure that the key features of your business are translated effectively into the key benefits which matter to your audience.

4. Originality

There is only one thing more difficult than reading boring content and that is reading the same boring content over and over again. Originality is crucial to creating and maintaining a vibrant relationship with your audience and everything you publish should be fresh and relevant each time. Tempting though it may be to recycle previous content in the name of time and expediency, you do both yourself and your readers a disservice by doing so. People are not so forgetful as goldfish and a single trip around the bowl does not make them forget what they read only moments before. Trust a professional copywriter to breathe new life into every subject, even if it has been done before.

5. Convenience

We all know time is money and resources are a valuable commodity. Being too busy or too short on staff should never be a reason to cheat yourself out of the best representation you can achieve for your brand and business. A professional copywriter will learn the key aspects of your business and draft them into a marketing document that you can be proud to share, taking the pressure off you and your staff and leaving you to concentrate on what it is you do best.

Getting The Last Word

Through our discipline and experience, Lumin8 crafts powerful written content that will drive successful campaigns, websites and traditional promotional materials. Ask us how we do it...

Christopher Muggridge
Christopher Muggridge
Christopher is a developer, consultant, and content writer with a 20 year history of freelance and corporate engagement who still gets a rush every time he out-thinks a challenge or architects a unique solution to a difficult problem.