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As logical extensions of your overall brand, logo and identity design play key roles that work together as a whole to create a perceived image for your business.

A logo is the key visual element that anchors the connection between your brand and your customers. It enables them to discover, share and remember your company by its simplest expression through the individual or combined use of an icon and/or wordmark. Working from its strengths, a successful logo should be memorable, versatile, scalable to any size and identifiable with or without colour in order to effectively convey your company's personality and message.

A brand identity outlines the visual materials employed to represent your company. Coupled with style guidelines to be utilized as a framework, it ensures that your image remains cohesive and consistent while complimenting the design plan of your logo. Employed across stationery, packaging, marketing collateral, and a wide range of other mediums, brand identity takes the abstract concept of your brand strategy and gives it life through a well-defined visual representation.

Brand Standard Manual