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What's your sign?

In this fast paced world, attention spans continue to grow shorter and with 5 seconds or less to pull your audience in, you better be using your time wisely. Employed effectively, large format advertising can outshine alternative marketing mediums by making it impossible for your audience to overlook you and your message. This is because large format advertising exists for one reason and one reason only; to stand out and demand attention. By capitalizing on this fact and employing targeted design to its fullest, you stand to reap the greatest returns by forging stronger emotional connections and drastically improving customer recall.

Whether stationary on a billboard or mobile as a wrap on your vehicle, each large format design presents its own unique challenges over standard offset printing. Even more important are the considerations for compelling colour and contrast, readability, legibility and visibility. Impelling design draws together all of these factors and ensures that your message is captured both distinctly and concisely.

Our experience at Lumin8 means that your presentation is always lucid and appealing while your brand and message remain clear.


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