Lumin8 : Development


Build it and they will come.

The unrelenting evolution of the digital world is creating a significant impact on the way processes, products, and people must be managed. Information must be distributed with greater speed and resources must be accessed more efficiently while the day to day tools we use must be capable of satisfying a broader range of rapidly evolving criteria. The development of solutions which can effectively service these needs has become vital to an organization's ability to satisfy its customers and achieve financial success.

No longer are individual software solutions sufficient when operating in relative autonomy. User requirements demand stronger relationships between diverse applications; exchanging data through public and private cloud environments as well as integrating with third-party and legacy systems. User devices spanning all shapes and sizes from desktop to mobile have spawned a new generation of point-and-click customers who demand more from their software and their user experience.

Lumin8 focuses on developing the ideal fusion of intuitive user experience and comprehensive application architecture to meet all of your development needs from Intranet to Extranet to the Internet.


Web Applications

Web applications tailored to your organization’s specific needs can merge many of the features of desktop application software with the ability to reach more customers and employees in more environments.



Thanks to websites, the landscape of business and commerce has evolved into a non-stop, interactive, and responsive environment with unlimited potential for those who know how to effectively harness it.