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Can you Google that?

No matter the size or nature of your organization, when presenting yourself online you not only face the challenge of industry competitors worldwide, you also vie for the limited time and attention of customers who might otherwise be drawn to websites which appeal to their personal interests. Time is a valuable commodity and as a result, every word matters. Beyond being well written, persuasive website content needs to engage your audience and connect with them through creative, compelling messages, both original and informative.

Website visitors will skim over text to lock in on those words or phrases that prove to be the most relevant to their interests. It is important that your voice comes through loud and clear in your message and your website content is tailored to those who will benefit from it the most, including the search engines that will drive your traffic.

Working closely with you to develop your online voice, Lumin8 will construct content that is clear and search engine friendly with the goal of positioning you as an authority in your field and a vital resource to your customers.