It’s good to be King.

Not to be confused with Marketing or Branding Strategies, Content Strategy determines not only what content you will create but also the planning, delivery, and governance of that content. At its most effective, your strategy impacts the lives of your customers and provides a deeper understanding of your organization while the alternative often results in a confusing message, devoid of clear themes and purpose.

A comprehensive Content Strategy should exist at every level of your organization with each endeavour guided from beginning to end and monitored consistently to ensure that your content is aligned with your brand message and values. Content is King and when managed properly, one of your most important business assets.

Lumin8 knows how to create and manage your content from words to images, print to social media, and everything in between in order to ensure your audience is presented with relevant, connected, engaging, and sustainable content.


Digital Content

From blogs to Facebook to Twitter to your website, a digital content strategy needs to be comprehensive and consistent through all your digital outlets. We structure the core principles that guide your message.

Personal Interaction

Communicating your message consistently goes beyond your digital and print channels. We help define your message to internal stakeholders so they can confidently share it with your customers and the public at large.


Print Content

Print is still very much in the game and, when used correctly, can be very effective. A print content strategy is all about sharing your message using the right voice for the medium. We understand its unique strengths and tailor your strategy accordingly.