Who do you think you are?

The success of your brand can be measured by its ability to generate meaningful relationships and inspire loyalty from your audience. Encompassing more than just a name, logo, or catchy slogan, a unified brand exists to shape the complete experience between your customers and your company, product or service. These defining qualities do not occur organically as the result of "lucky accidents" but are forged through insightful determination and targeted strategy.

Developing a brand strategy means implementing a long-term plan in order for you to achieve your specific goals; goals such as building brand equity, market distinction, and the leveraging of sustainable competitive dominance. Without such a strategy, your businesses is at risk of being lost in the background noise of your competitors.

Lumin8 works with your businesses or organization throughout every stage of your brand development. Whether it's a new endeavour or the evolution of an existing brand, we drive the process to ensure that you gain the competitive and creative advantage you need to reach into the minds of your customers.


Brand Consistency

Protect your brand by tactically keeping it sharp and consistent. We show you how to implement a plan that will make that happen.

Brand Naming

Capturing the essence of your new business or endeavour in simple words can be both challenging and vital. We work with you to evolve, evaluate and determine a name with strategic impact.


Brand Repositioning

Performance concerns or drastic changes in the marketplace can herald a time for change. We will fashion a strategy that effectively redefines and repositions your brand.