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September 30, 2015

New Strategy & Design Agency to Capitalize on 35 Years of Shared Experience

This week, industry professionals Janet McGlynn and Christopher Muggridge announced the launch of Lumin8, a new strategy and design agency dedicated to helping companies secure prosperity through the effective use of strategy, communication, design, and development.

A merging of two talented minds into one driven and creative whole, Lumin8 plans to capitalize on their 35+ years of combined experience to partner with clients and deliver solutions that are consistent, relevant, and successful. Backed by a full range of creative and technical services, the agency will provide clients with the resources they need to represent and promote themselves with confidence.

Owner of Zero Gravity Design, a successful visual communications company of 12 years, Ms. McGlynn welcomes the opportunity to expand the already extensive line of services her previous company provided and is excited to move forward into what will be a very promising future. "For us," she says "Lumin8 represents the philosophy of creating great things for great people."

Her partner Christopher Muggridge, a developer, consultant, and content writer with a 20 year history of freelance and corporate engagement, shares her excitement saying "It is all about creating strong relationships and a shared desire to take what is unique about each of our clients and share it with the world."

Lumin8 is located in London, Ontario and can be found online at

Media Contact:
Christopher Muggridge
[email protected]

Christopher Muggridge
Christopher Muggridge
Christopher is a developer, consultant, and content writer with a 20 year history of freelance and corporate engagement who still gets a rush every time he out-thinks a challenge or architects a unique solution to a difficult problem.