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Often commissioned to fulfill an underdeveloped need, custom web applications offer many of the same benefits as off-the-shelf solutions with some very important exceptions. With direction and input they can be uniquely tailored to your organization’s specifications and often enjoy a much longer lifespan as new features can be added as needed rather than waiting for lengthy or non-existent update release schedules. As a result, your business can focus its energy and resources on adapting the tools to fit your processes and not the other way around.

Web applications contain much of the same functionality as desktop application software, with the primary difference being the use of a web browser as the user interface. The obvious benefit of such an approach is the ability to reach more users in more locations with less dependence on complicated software or hardware systems. Translate unique software ideas into tangible products through the employment of browser-based web applications. Powerful, database-driven and even complex products can be delivered and accessed anywhere there is an Internet connection. We deliver custom portals, management systems, SaaS solutions, and more.

Lumin8 blends our vision and experience with your direction and develops custom business intelligence applications that meet and exceed your requirements.