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You're kind of a big deal.

Making a great first impression can mean the world when forging profitable relationships with your prospects and, once gained, sustaining that hard-won relationship becomes no less vital. One of the most effective ways to accomplish both of these goals is through the effective use of your marketing materials. Although some may argue that all things digital have diminished the importance of print, it still hasn't replaced the impact that a well-designed brochure, annual report, signage, business card, or stationery can make. Rather than entertaining an either/or ultimatum when deciding between digital or print, you should instead be drawing on the best of both worlds.

In the same way that traditional print provides visibility and recognizability to the world at large, your business will also stand to benefit from the use of internal forms, letterhead, memos, and more that not only share your message but also unite your stakeholders and promote relationships between your divisions.

Lumin8 recognizes the impact that a successful print campaign can have and we use that understanding to develop the best marketing materials for reaching all of your audience; both at large and those at home.



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Print Production

Print. Cut. That's a wrap!

Every facet of every item published by your business impacts the way the world connects with you. It's not only about what you say, it's about how you say it and to deliver anything less than your most professional material tells your audience that they don't warrant your best. Repeatedly settle for "good enough" and you risk having them believe it is all you can be.

Incredible design work can be created but if the execution is left to sub-par print production, all of your valuable time and energy will be wasted on a result that may never see the light of day. For this reason it is always wisest to work with a visual communicator who will not only design your print materials but also has the knowledge and resources to carry them through to the final product.

In addition to our extensive design offerings, Lumin8 proudly extends our customers guidance or even direct service on many aspects of the printing process including quotations, types of stock, approvals, quality control, shipping, and more. Our in-depth prepress experience and dynamic relationships with printers who exact their own high production standards puts us in the unique position of providing you with the best possible outcome on all fronts.