Branding | What is Branding?

Do I Know You?

A Brand or "brand identity" is the strategic merging of visual, emotional, written, and verbal communication cues that define your company or organization and make it unique in the marketplace. Many factors that are often overlooked and misunderstood, go on to play a significant role in defining and communicating your brand. Elements such as your name, logo, colours, images, styling, fonts, wordmarks, etc. each play an important role in defining your relationship with your audience. The key to a successful brand is the cohesiveness of all parts to communicate the same message to all parties in a reliable and consistent voice. Branding is much more than just your logo, it is your entire marketing package.

Market Segmentation

When a company offers one or more products in different target markets, they may encounter market segmentation and require a form of Sub Branding. This is the development of an identity unique to the product itself but does not completely remove it from under the company's brand umbrella. This offers the benefit of supplying the product with its own vision and voice while benefiting from the security and prestige of the company brand.

Branding vs Advertising

Although their labels may frequently be used interchangeably, branding and advertising do not share the same scope and focus. Branding's primary function lies in the strategy of establishing your identity clearly and effectively while advertising is the process which will is used to market that brand to your existing or potential customers.

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